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Drumming up Enthusiasm

Music Teacher Wendie Conrad knows how to get her students excited about music. Her innovative teaching techniques inspire, uplift, and motivate students to embrace the performing arts. Her fifth graders recently got to engage in a unique musical activity: Bucket Drumming.
If you've been to an Art Festival, Street Fair, or traveled to NYC; you've more than likely been treated to a Bucket Drumming performance. Bucket Drumming is a widely recognized street art form that uses Buckets (as the name suggests) to create music. While the exact source of its origins is unclear, it was popularized by child prodigy Larry Wright in the early 90's in the NYC subway system. The art form infiltrated main stream music and has become a symbol of creativity, self expression, and independence. Groups like STOMP and Blue Man Group have performed in front of millions of people utilizing this innovative musical technique to delight audiences all over the world.
The unique sounds of playing on a Bucket, as opposed to a typical percussion set, are admired by those who appreciate the art form. Each part of the Bucket creates a different sound. Mrs. Conrad teaches her 5th graders how to use different parts of the Bucket to produce these unique musical notes. As you can see from the photos, Elm 5th graders love performing on this instrument. We are so thankful to have Mrs. Conrad at PCLS sharing these innovative musical techniques with our students. Providing a comprehensive education that includes cutting edge performing arts programs is vitally important to student success.