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Elm "Sculpts" Young Artists

Color Wheels are a way for young students to conceptualize the relationship between colors. Primary Colors (Red, Blue, and Yellow) cannot be created by mixing other colors. Secondary Colors (Green, Orange, and Purple) are made when two primary colors are mixed. Complementary Colors are located opposite one another on the color wheel. Finally, analogous colors are those that are located closest to one another on the color wheel. Even though you likely knew what all of these terms meant, to an elementary school student: Learning the orientation of colors can be challenging. To simplify these terms in a way that is easy for students to understand, Ms. Roberts created an interactive Art project that both educates students on the orientation of colors and stimulates their creativity.
Students were given clay and asked to place the clay in the corresponding color name on the color wheel. As each color was represented, new colors such as "Red-Orange," "Yellow-Green," and "Blue Violet" were introduced as part of the lesson. The students would take corresponding sets of primary colors and mix them together to create each color on the color wheel. When the project was complete, students were able to make their own miniature sculptures from the leftover clay with all the primary colors and secondary colors they created.
By interacting with the color wheel as opposed to viewing a poster of one, students were able to orient themselves with the terminology and relationships between colors. Analyzing and understanding these chromatic relationships is an essential building block for Elm students to become successful artists. As the quote on Ms. Roberts wall says: "Every Child is an Artist." However, great artists have all had great teachers. Ms. Roberts is beyond exceptional. She is not only giving her students the tools to be successful, she is solidifying a standard of excellence in Art education that will impact these young students for the rest of their lives. She is truly sculpting brilliant people. We love Ms. Roberts and thank her for all that she does for her students. We are fortunate to have her at Elm and Painesville City Schools!